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Frequently Asked Questions

Here a re a list of some frequently asked questions by our clients. if you don’t find the answer you seek, please feel free to contact us.

A system is a complete sets of rules which defines every aspect of how you enter and exit the financial markets and manage risk. Your system should generate a positive expectancy – which means that over many trades you will make more money than you lose after accounting for the costs of commissions and slippage.

Human emotion is the largest cause of mistakes and losses in trading. System trading works because the rules remove human emotion from trading, allowing you to make consistent and profitable decisions. This is explained further

Most people will be familiar with the 4 core system components which are:

  1. Trade Setup: This defines the conditions under which you will look for trades
  2. Entry signal: This gives the precise entry point into a trade (including pyramiding and re-entry)
  3. Initial stop loss: This defines the level you would get out if the trade makes a loss
  4. Exit signal: This defines when you would close a trade (or reduce your position)

But in reality there are 12 trading system components that you need to consider when designing your system.

AmiBroker is a comprehensive technical analysis program, allowing you to study and predict trends in the market and to maintain a portfolio of shares. It incorporates a powerful set of technical analysis tools, OLE Automation/ARexx interface with rich command set and several options for quotation data import. All these features are available from clean and user friendly interface.

Fundamental analysis is process in which we analyze company of your interest and it’s financial status and potential, which provides us a good base for investment decision making.

Market analysis is a process of analyzing the market state and stock value movement in order to predict future market trends.

One of the first steps for investment research is sector analysis. By sector analysis we mean deep research of each business sector of interest, it’s current market state and growth potential and according to that, the most profitable sector for future investments.

When you want to invest in some company stocks first you need to do is company analysis. We will analyze the company of your interest and their financial potential and stock movement, to help you make good future investment decisions.